Christmas Mass Bouquet – St. Patrick’s Basilica, Lough Derg


What better gift could you give at Christmas than a bouquet of Masses?

The Prior, Fr La, will offer a triduum of Masses, beginning on Christmas Eve for all those who receive a Lough Derg Christmas Mass Bouquet.

Lough Derg gratefully acknowledges the donation received in support of its ministry.

When you complete your order a member of the team will contact you to take the name of the person you wish to enrol.

Text inside card

(name) will be remembered by the Prior of Lough Derg, Msgr La Flynn, in a triduum of Masses beginning on Christmas Eve, and in his prayer on the Lough Derg Pilgrim Path over the Christmas Season at the request of (name)

Donation options €5, €7, €10





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€5, €7, €10


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