Brigid at Lough Derg

This week’s reflection from along the Pilgrim Path is ‘Brigid at Lough Derg’. Fr La reflects on the Feast of St Brigid, 1 February 2021.

She sat down there, they say, waiting for a boat to take her over.

The wonderful working of the imagination

that sees in a boulder the shape of a chair –

and then puts Brigid sitting on it!

They could not imagine Lough Derg without St Brigid.

On the Island she has her Cross, and her Bed,

here on the shore her Chapel, her Chair and, of course, her Well.

Sometimes the water is in the well.

Sometimes the well is in the water.

But Brigid is always here for those who come to seek her out.

They leave a token to remind her they have been

and they go on their pilgrim way,

trusting in her care, and in the power of her prayer.

Fr La Flynn







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