Fir Trees First

A weekly reflection from along the Pilgrim Path. This week Fr La is reflecting on ‘Fir Trees First’. 28 January 2021

Fir Trees First

A cold, wet start today at Patrick the Pilgrim.

I am kitted out for the weather,

but the rain is heavy.

I pull up the hood and I take to the Path

eyes down, avoiding the puddles.


By St Brigid’s Well the downpour has ceased.

I can lower the hood and lift my head.

At once, my eye is caught by a soft bright green:

fresh growth on the tips of a Nordmann fir.

Further on I spot another and, soon, more here and there.


And I notice that my heart, too, has lifted

and on a wet Sunday in the middle of January

I am savouring just a taste

of the spring that must be on its way.

The firs have felt it first.

Fr La Flynn

28 January 2021

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