Puddles on the Path

A weekly reflection from along the Pilgrim Path. This week Fr La is reflecting on ‘Puddles on the Path’. 8 February 2021.


Another wet day here at Lough Derg –

nothing new in that, I hear you say.

But, as happens on the Island

when I make the Station in the rain,

praying the Path today I notice

my attention moving down

to the wet ground,

to the patterns on the puddles,

and then still further down,

deep within.

Prayer, like life, doesn’t have to entertain me.

What happens in prayer is the work of One

who is at once within me and beyond me,

mostly an unnoticed but wondrous quiet work

that lies beyond my awareness.

I wonder where I would be without it.

Fr La Flynn, Prior. 8 February 2021

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