Another Oak

Fr La’s weekly ‘Pause and Ponder’ from along the Pilgrim Path at Lough Derg. This week’s reflection, ‘Another Oak’.


I know, I know….  I said: “The only oak” –

but the Path has always something new to give

when eyes are opened.  The shape of these fresh leaves

just cannot be mistaken.  Another oak!

A daughter or a son? And very well established.


How could it be that I had never noticed?

Along the margin of the ancient pathway

how often I have passed, eyes front,

my gaze ahead, while this young oak tree merged

among its humble neighbours.  It gives me joy

to know that it is here.  I won’t forget.


What else, I wonder, on the path of life

do I pass by unseeing?


When I have been and gone (I like to think)

this youngster will be coming to its prime

and stand forth unmistakable, unmissable:

a queen, a king, among the forest trees.


Fr La Flynn

21 June 2021

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