Wayside in Bloom

Fr La’s weekly ‘Pause and Ponder’ from along the Pilgrim Path at Lough Derg. This week’s reflection, ‘Wayside in Bloom’.

Wayside in Bloom

Variety and profusion – the words that come unbidden

as I walk the Path in its floral summer splendour.

In the colour competition, the yellows are out ahead:

birdsfoot trefoil here, potentilla there,

and cheery buttercups almost everwhere.

Sometimes they have it to themselves, sometimes they share –

with clover red and white, or with herb Robert,

or tangled all together with purple vetch.

The bees are busy; this bounty is too good to miss

and all of it by the wayside: God’s abundance

in casual overflowing profusion and variety.


Fr La Flynn

5th July 2021

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