WATCH highlights of our ‘Do Lough Derg wherever you are’ weekend

WATCH highlights of our ‘Do Lough Derg wherever you are’ weekend (3 – 5 July 2021) in the video below:

Friends, we want to thank all who took part in this year’s ‘Do Lough Derg wherever you are’ and all who played a supporting role. Either in practical terms or by joining us in prayer from time to time.
As Fr Pat McHugh stated in his closing remarks: “Your pilgrim group is yet another unique one in Lough Derg’s story, historic indeed. Pilgrims on every continent have joined us right across the world.”
It is quite impossible to sum up this unique experience of the Three Day Pilgrimage in a three minute video, but we hope you enjoy.
Fr La who was making the pilgrimage on Station Island was very consciously carrying with him your intentions for prayer. We hope you have received some spiritual nourishment and (when the tiredness wears off!) refreshment for the journey on your pilgrimage of life.
Please God we will have you back on the boats to Station Island for next Summer season.

Fr La remarks on the weekend passed “a note of thanks and gratitude to all pilgrims who joined us in ‘Do Lough Derg wherever you are’. We pray for God’s blessings for your special prayers and intentions. As well as the gift of your prayer and devotion, adding to the ‘Storehouse of Prayer’ that Lough Derg has become over the centuries – we acknowledge and appreciate that many pilgrims have made since the time that registration opened. God is never outdone in generosity. Thank you one and all.”

You are asked to email us at or telephone 0 (0353) 719861518 to confirm that you have undertaken the Three Day Pilgrimage from wherever you are conscientiously and confirm your full postal address so that we can issue a memento.

(3 – 5 July 2021)

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