‘Faith’ – Fr La’s weekly series Pause and Ponder with the Lough Derg Values

Our sixth Lough Derg value: ‘Faith’

Fr La’s weekly Pause and Ponder series reflects tonight on our sixth Lough Derg value: Faith. “Lord, I believe. Help my lack of Faith!” Blessings

Value six: Faith

Here along the Pilgrim Path, where a mountain stream emerges from among the forest trees and comes down towards the lough, is where we chose to place the poster for the value of Faith.  On my pilgrimage walks over the past two years this spot has remained my personal favourite, one spot where I never fail to pause and ponder.

The sound of the water delights me.  It invites me to attend to the Spirit speaking within. Its movement steadies in the pool before it slips under the culvert and eases calmly out into the lough, and I too steady the rush of my thoughts.

And I take a little precious time to be grateful for the gift of faith, and to recall that indeed the things of the spirit are true and real and worthy of our attention.

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