‘Healing’ – Fr La’s weekly series Pause and Ponder with the Lough Derg Values

Our eighth Lough Derg value: ‘Healing’

Fr La’s weekly Pause and Ponder series reflects tonight on our seventh Lough Derg value: Wonder. ‘How many are your works, O Lord!’ Blessings

Value 8: Healing

The snow that Storm Eunice brought to Donegal gives an unexpected aspect as I come around the corner to where the space opens up in front of the old quarry.  Here is where we have the Mass Rock that we use when we have a group out praying the Pilgrim Path.

We made a very deliberate choice to place our eighth Lough Derg Value, healing, here: Healing for hearts that know their vulnerability, and that long to forgive and to be forgiven.

Today a film of ice covers the water in the pool before the cross.  Through the ice some water plants catch my eye.  They make me think of how hurt can freeze over our relationships, and even, sometimes, our hearts.

There can be few of us who have no need of healing for some hurt we have experienced or, perhaps, for hurt we have caused.

When blind Bartimeus at the roadside cried out to Jesus for healing, Jesus called him to come near and he asked him: ‘What do you want me to do for you?’

We pause here before the Saviour and ponder the response that we will make.

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