With you on your Lenten Journey

Dear friends, during Lent in recent years it has been Lough Derg’s practice to offer something on our online platforms for our friends on their Lenten journey.

In this video Fr La introduces ‘With you on your Lenten Journey’. 

Sixth Week of Lent

At Sts Davog and Molaise’s Bed


31 March 2021

Sts Davog and Molaise’s Blessing

2 April 2021

Fifth Week of Lent

At St Patrick’s Bed


24 March 2021

Saint Patrick’s Blessing

26 March 2021

Fourth Week of Lent

At St Columba’s Bed


17 March 2021

Saint Columba’s Blessing

19 March 2021

Third Week of Lent

At St Catherine’s Bed


10 March 2021

Saint Catherine’s Blessing

12 March 2021

Second Week of Lent

At St Brendan’s Bed


3 March 2021

Saint Brendan’s Blessing

5 March 2021

First Week of Lent

At St Brigid’s Bed


24 February 2021

Saint Brigid’s Blessing

26 February 2021

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